Legends's GameMaster Application!


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    Legends's GameMaster Application! Empty Legends''s GameMaster Application!

    Post by Legends on Fri May 22, 2009 10:36 am

    Applying for: GM

    Name: Usman Quidwai
    Age: 14
    Msn: thedevilgunz@hotmail.com
    Nickname: Usmi

    Where Do I Live:?

    Country: Canada
    State: Ontario
    City: Mississauga

    Online Time:

    Monday: 3-7pm
    Tuesday: 3-7pm
    Wednesday: 3-7pm
    Thursday: 3-7 pm
    Friday: 3-7pm
    Saturday: 2 hrs
    Sunday: 3 hrs
    (Basically weekdays is around 4 hours and weekends around 3 hours)

    Languages I speak:

    -English (fluent)
    -Urdu (fluent)
    -Hindi (fluent)
    -Punjabi (fluent)
    -English (i'm that good in french but can still speak it)

    What Can I Do?:

    Loading Screens
    Login Screens
    Map editting
    Armor editting

    Past Experience:

    DarkGunZ Old GM-
    X-GunZ: GM ( owned by steven, avg ppl- 200- Dead )
    DevilGunZ: Owner ( avg ppl 700 - Dead
    SpoTGaming: Owner (avg ppl 30- Dead)
    HuntingBase: Owner (avg ppl 70-Dead)
    AirGunZ: GM ( avg ppl 25- Dead )

    Why I should be hired?:

    I am active[/list]
    I am mature
    I am experienced
    I am nice
    I am helpfull
    I am creative
    I make people happy
    I bring popularity to servers
    I can help around with gfx
    I will help people to fix their bugs
    I will make hackers leave
    more and more.....

    Proof ( i have been getting back to gfx lately and have improved alot more than before as i have been getting comments by people so here are some pics/work of mine):


    Ending Sentence:

    i hope i get accepted and i will try my best to be active Smile

    Yours Truly,
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    Legends's GameMaster Application! Empty Re: Legends's GameMaster Application!

    Post by Natsuo on Wed Jun 10, 2009 9:07 pm

    Aslam al leickem (: x
    Kesay ho? (: xx
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    Legends's GameMaster Application! Empty Re: Legends's GameMaster Application!

    Post by Lightning / Crim on Mon Jun 29, 2009 12:14 am

    sorry but i cant have any more admins at this time but you might be able to get Gm states latter +)but thanx for the offer

    "the world ends with me......so don't kill me or were all fucked"

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    Legends's GameMaster Application! Empty Re: Legends's GameMaster Application!

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