Gunn3r´s/TDxPro´s GM Application


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    Gunn3r´s/TDxPro´s GM Application Empty Gunn3r´s/TDxPro´s GM Application

    Post by TDxPro on Sun May 24, 2009 5:05 pm

    Hello Guys,i want to apply as GM To Help the server and the people.
    Few years ago,i already were GM on a server called X-Gunz,but it died,now someone else made it i think^^

    This is my GM apply^^

    Name:Rene in Gunz and on forum TDxPro



    Why i want to be a GM: Im Good in english and i think people likes me and im very friendly to other players i Dont break rule's and im
    always almost active for report hackers/glitchers/swappers and for
    helping people^^

    favorite movie: Grutch2(horror)

    Favorite game: X-Gunz Razz

    Favorite school lesson:Gym

    c++ : no sry i realy want to learn this Sad

    Server files:sry i realy want to learn this Sad

    making items: Im already bussy whit it but i need some instructions

    making maps:Im already bussy whit it but i need some instructions

    hours to be online:8-15 hours

    Time zone: Germans time

    what language you speak: i speak english,german

    You was GM before: ya, I was GM on *****Gunz,****Gunz

    Website: Dont have



    Yahoo: XD

    Gunz playing: International: 4Years ,ijji: 1year pservers:1-2 years

    Sry that i cant make items or maps or something but i can make a lot of advertising for this Gunz
    And im always almost online so i can chek for swappers,hackers,glitchers.
    When i am online on Gunz(Almost always only when i need to school or Football) Im online to on Forum Very Happy

    This was my GM Apply
    I hope you like it
    Ty for reading
    And give me some good replay's Very Happy
    Lightning / Crim
    Lightning / Crim

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    Gunn3r´s/TDxPro´s GM Application Empty Re: Gunn3r´s/TDxPro´s GM Application

    Post by Lightning / Crim on Mon Jun 29, 2009 12:15 am

    sorry but i cant have any more admins at this time but you might be able to get Gm states latter +)but thanx for the offer

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